Places To See in Hong Kong

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  • Disneyland


    One of the most prominent tourist spots in Lantau, Disneyland promises a day of fun and adventure for all age groups. Embark on a magical experience into the legendary fairy tale kingdom that celebrates the spirit of fantasy, the world of tomorrow and a forever-young sense of adventure.

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  • Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau is a small dumbbell shaped island located 10 kilometres southwest of Hong Kong. It is particularly famous for its temples, beaches and seafood specialty restaurants. In fact, the island has an entire street dedicated to seafood restaurants. Taking a stroll along the coastline or simply lounging on one ...

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  • Stanley, Hong Kong

    Stanley, Hong Kong

    Stanley is a small Chinese town which boasts of beaches, hills and coves. The relaxed atmosphere of the place makes it a must-visit on your trip to Hong Kong. The points of interest here are Stanley market (for souvenirs and trinket shopping), Stanley Main Street (for its bars and restaurants) ...

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  • Lamma Island

    Lamma Island

    Located 3 kilometres off the south west coast of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island boasts of untouched beauty and is a popular getaway option for both tourists as well as locals. The beaches here are offbeat too and are the ideal place to relax and unwind. The slow pace of ...

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  • Lantau Island

    Lantau Island

    Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong and is packed with a lot of attractions for tourists. To begin with, the Island is home to Disneyland – a one-stop entertainment park for people of all ages. If a more relaxed vacation is what you are looking for, Lantau ...

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  • Tai O

    Tai O

    A small fishing town close to Lantau Island, Tai O is home to the Tanka fishermen community. The small island is synonymous with the stilt houses which are interconnected to each other. In a way, it is the line of the stilt houses that forms Tai O. It is a ...

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  • Sha Tin

    Sha Tin

    Hong Kong has many unique experiences for its visitors and a visit to Sha Tin is one of them. A day trip to Sha Tin will introduce you to many recreational activities, shopping avenues, culinary delights and cultural experiences. Most of all, Sha Tin is well known for horseracing as ...

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  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour

    One of the busiest harbours in Hong Kong is Aberdeen and it is extremely popular for its floating restaurants. Jumbo Floating Restaurant is the largest and most notable of all. The doublt-storeyed restaurant is not just a must-visit for its interesting location but also for the exclusive variety of seafood ...

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  • Sai Kung

    Sai Kung

    Sai Kung is a fishing village in Hong Kong and offers picturesque coastlines lined with boats, sandy beaches and a mountain backdrop. If you are looking for a break from the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong, a visit to Sai Kung town is a peaceful getaway option for you. The area ...

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  • Peng chau Island (Ping chau, Pingzhou)

    Peng chau Island (Ping chau, Pingzhou)

    Peng chau Island is among the less crowded islands in Hong Kong. The nice and quiet life of the island will give you a relaxed feel and a wonderful opportunity to unwind. Hiking is a good way to explore the island. Other things that await you here include beautiful gardens, ...

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