Hong Kong Cultural Activities

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  • Walk Hong Kong Hiking Tour

    Walk Hong Kong Hiking Tour

    Undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore Hong Kong is on foot. Discover everything from the historic structures to modern-day buildings and from the vibrant streets to the tranquil parks as you take a guided hiking tour.

    Tour Covers: Walk Hong Kong is a Heritage ...

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  • City Sightseeing Tours

    City Sightseeing Tours

    Explore Hong Kong on a guided city tour which takes you around the best sights of the city. A number of tour operators organize these tours offering excellent services and many unique experiences. Whether you are travelling with family, friends or your beloved, they will help you explore the best ...

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  • Culinary Tours

    Culinary Tours

    The rich cuisine of Hong Kong attracts many people from across the globe. While there are many chic restaurants scattered everywhere, opting for a culinary and food tasting tour while in Hong Kong is highly recommended. It gives wonderful insights into the Hong Kong culture and is the ideal way ...

  • Jackie Peers Photography

    Jackie Peers Photography

    Hong Kong is a paradise for shutterbugs and the existence of photography tours in the city stands testimony to that. On this Jackie Peers Photography tour of Hong Kong, you will cover the stunning landscape of the city, traditional fishing villages, streets and markets of Kowloon, landmarks of New Territories ...

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  • Duk Ling Ride

    Duk Ling Ride

    How about a ride in an authentic Chinese boat? The Duk Ling Ride in Hong Kong gives you a chance to do just that! This Chinese ship has been very carefully preserved and is, without doubt, one of the top unique experiences that the vibrant city of Hong Kong has ...

  • Aqua Luna Ride

    Aqua Luna Ride

    Sailing along the Victoria Harbour in a refurbished 70-year old junk boat – now who would want to miss that? Aqua Luna Ride in Hong Kong is a cultural experience that most of you would love. As you take the cruise, you can also choose to sit upstairs in the ...

  • Ping Shan Heritage Trail

    Ping Shan Heritage Trail

    Ping Shan Heritage Trail is something that history buffs will love. Take a journey of some of the historically and culturally important sites of Hong Kong on this trail and while you do that, don’t forget to create photo memoirs of your visits. It starts at Tsui Shing Lau Pagoda, ...

  • Central Hiking Lamma Trail

    Central Hiking Lamma Trail

    Farmers carrying out their daily chores, lush grasslands, beautiful ocean views and coastlines – these are some of the things you will come across on the Central Hiking Lamma Trail. This hour long trail takes you to explore the sights and sounds of Lamma Island like no other. Beginning with ...

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