Beaches in Hong Kong

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  • Repulse Bay

    Repulse Bay

    With its wide, wave-lapped beach and azure clear waters, Repulse Bay is the perfect place for that early morning stroll, daytime sun bathing, or a lingering walk at sunset. Enjoy a lazy day in a resort-like atmosphere at one of the most beautiful beaches of Hong Kong. ...

  • Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau is a small dumbbell shaped island located 10 kilometres southwest of Hong Kong. It is particularly famous for its temples, beaches and seafood specialty restaurants. In fact, the island has an entire street dedicated to seafood restaurants. Taking a stroll along the coastline or simply lounging on one ...

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  • Deep Water Bay

    Deep Water Bay

    Stretches of fine golden sand and azure waters makes Deep Water Bay a popular beach for a day out. Though it is a scenic beach lined with beautiful trees, it is crowded at most times. There are many activities that you can indulge in at Deep Water Bay. Swimming is ...