Adventure Spots in Hong Kong

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  • Dragon’s Back Hike

    Dragon’s Back Hike

    The hike is popular among adventure lovers and was rated as the Best Urban Hike by Time Magazine in 2004. As you make your way through lush green forests and reach the spectacular Shrek O Country Park, you can see the vast South China Sea unfolding before your eyes, as ...

    Adventure Nature
  • Hong Kong Biking Tour

    Hong Kong Biking Tour

    If you have the stamina and are ready for a workout on two wheels, there are a number of guided biking tours that you can choose from. Cycle along Hong Kong’s back roads, as you visit some of the New Territories’ interesting sites including an age-old walled village, a mysterious ...

  • Geopark Hiking Tour

    Geopark Hiking Tour

    Explore the outlying islands of Hong Kong Geopark with its rugged outlines, steep cliffy coastlines and dramatic volcanic rock columns. This guided hike takes you to one of the largest geological formations of its kind in the world. As you walk along the reservoir road and into Sai Kung Country ...

    Adventure Nature
  • Walk Hong Kong Hiking Tour

    Walk Hong Kong Hiking Tour

    Undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore Hong Kong is on foot. Discover everything from the historic structures to modern-day buildings and from the vibrant streets to the tranquil parks as you take a guided hiking tour.

    Tour Covers: Walk Hong Kong is a Heritage ...

    Adventure Cultural
  • City Sightseeing Tours

    City Sightseeing Tours

    Explore Hong Kong on a guided city tour which takes you around the best sights of the city. A number of tour operators organize these tours offering excellent services and many unique experiences. Whether you are travelling with family, friends or your beloved, they will help you explore the best ...

    Adventure Cultural
  • Flight Experience Hong Kong

    Flight Experience Hong Kong

    Who says you have to go to a pilot school and get licenses to fly a plane? Flight Experience Hong Kong gives you a chance to pilot a Boeing 737 flight simulator without any prerequisites. An experienced trainer will guide you through the flight plan you select. What’s more, you ...

  • Horseracing


    Horseracing is a popular sport in Hong Kong. Even if you are an amateur at horse riding, you will find that it is a delight to watch some of the best horse breeds race amongst themselves. Regular race meetings are held at the two racecourses in the Island. Don’t forget ...

  • Central Hiking Lamma Trail

    Central Hiking Lamma Trail

    Farmers carrying out their daily chores, lush grasslands, beautiful ocean views and coastlines – these are some of the things you will come across on the Central Hiking Lamma Trail. This hour long trail takes you to explore the sights and sounds of Lamma Island like no other. Beginning with ...

    Adventure Cultural
  • Hong Kong Yachting

    Hong Kong Yachting

    Call it an adventure, a romantic ride or a novel experience – you are sure to enjoy yachting in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Yachting organizes various cruises which take you to sail over the blue waters. This is a great opportunity to take in 360 degree views of the Hong ...

    Adventure Romantic