Food in Guwahati

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  • Kholasapori Pitha

    Kholasapori Pitha

    Kholasapori Pitha is a delicious variety of rice pancake. The ingredients used to make this delicious pancake include a batter of rice powder, Sewali phul and chopped onion. The pancake is served tomato sauce or chilli sauce. ...

    Vegetarian Local dish
  • Til Pitha

    Til Pitha

    Til Pitha is a type of pancake that is made using the sesame seeds. The ingredients include batter of rice powder, roasted sesame seeds and jiggery. ...

    Vegetarian Local dish Must Try
  • Koldil Bhaji

    Koldil Bhaji

    Koldil Bhaji is made using banana flower and potato. The ingredients include banana flower, crushed cardamom, potatoes and pure ghee. Koldil Bhaji is served as a side dish with parathas. ...

    Vegetarian Local dish Must Try
  • Hukuti


    Hukuti is one of the must try special fish dishes for anyone visiting Guwahati. It is made using dried small fish (puthi maas) pounded with arum stem and dried and stored in bamboo tubes ...

    Local dish Must Try