Destination Snapshot

  • Travel Style

  • First Timers
  • Culture Vultures
  • Nirvana-aah
  • Family Fun
    • Language

      Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, English
    • Altitude

      49.5 - 55.5 (182.1 feet) metres above sea level
    • Time zone

      Indian Standard Time
    • Theme

      Mountains, Wildlife

Incredible wildlife reserves, the rare one-horned-rhinoceros, magnificent temples, magnificent hills, lush green tea plantations, and the glorious tribal culture and heritage – Aadaroni (Welcome) to Guwahati!

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You will like

  • Natural beauty

    Like most of the places in Assam, Guwahati is blessed with best of nature’s gifts. You would love the greenery that is in and around this city and also the clear waters of Brahmaputra River

  • Temples

    The erstwhile rulers of Assam built many magnificent temples that stand tall even today. You would like the sanctity and the serenity that the temples offer.

  • Shopping

    In Guwahati, you would have a plethora of handicrafts and handlooms to choose from. You can buy a wide variety of tea from here. The buzz of the several local bazaars is something not to be missed.

Be prepared

  • Language barrier

    Most of the people in Guwahati speak either Assamese or Bengali. Neither Hindi nor English is widely spoken. You should learn some of the common greetings and phrases in Assamese.

  • Crowds during peak season

    Guwahati are a popular holiday destination. It is also a religiously important city thanks to its sacred temples. Hence, you might find Guwahati quite crowded during the peak holiday season.

Describing It

On the far eastern side of India, in the tea state of Assam, lies this fascinating land of natural and cultural wealth – the land we call Guwahati. Guwahati was once the capital city of the state of Assam.

Guwahati is a place of many charms. From the lush green hills and tea plantations to the winding Brahmaputra River, from the glorious sacred temples to the bustling markets, you will enjoy every last moment of your stay in Guwahati. The Kaziranga National Park and the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary are famous throughout the world as the abode of the rare one-horned-rhinoceros. In Kaziranga, you can also spot the mighty tigers roaming around freely in their natural habitat. Opt for an elephant ride or a jeep safari to get a closer look at the rare species of animals and birds. And yes, don’t forget to take your camera along; you wouldn’t want to miss capturing the wild beasts on your camera!

Guwahati is also known for its sacred temples. The small village of Hajo has quite a few important temples that see a lot of devotees round the year. Important temples at Hajo include Hayagriva Madhava Temple, Madan Kamdev Temple and the Kedareswara Temple. Meditation, devotion and serenity await you at the temples in Guwahati.

No holiday feels like a holiday unless you have indulged in the delightful activity of – shopping, of course! Guwahati is famous for its tribal handicrafts and artifacts – don’t forget to take them home as souvenirs. You can also shop for jewelries and clothes made of the Assam silk ‘Muga’. The most popular shopping areas of Guwahati are Fancy Bazaar, Panbazaar, Paltanbazaar and Ganeshguri.

You should definitely try the traditional Assamese cuisines in Guwahati. Some of the delicious dishes you should try include the Kholasapori Pitha, Til Pitha, Koldil Bhaji, Masor Tenga and Puthi Maas.

Guwahati is slowly but surely becoming one of the hotspots for some night-time entertainment. Enjoy live music performance by local rock bands and drinks at the Blues. Dance the night away at The Silver Streak discotheque.