Gulmarg FAQs

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Area geography

Gulmarg with a population of approximately 600 is a small town in the Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir. At an elevation of 2,690 metres, it’s one of the most popular skiing destinations in India.

Notes currencies cards

Though there are two ATMs in Gulmarg, it’s advisable to carry enough cash from Srinagar when travelling to Gulmarg.

Cellular service for tourists

BSNL provides the cellular services in Gulmarg but connectivity is an issue. Services of other providers like Airtel are erratic. STD/PCOs located in the main market area are your best bet.

Wifi internet

There are no internet cafés in Gulmarg. You can check with the hotel you’re staying at if they provide Wi-fi services.

Drinking laws

Alcohol is not freely available in Gulmarg but available in the hotel bars. The legal drinking age in India is 25 years.


It’s not customary to tip in Gulmarg as hotels and restaurants already charge service tax. You are not obliged to, but can tip a certain amount if you are pleased with the service and food.


In recent years, Gulmarg has returned to being a safe tourist destination. However, petty crimes like pick pocketing or bag snatching are common. It’s advisable to always be cautious of your surroundings and avoid visiting isolated areas.

General information

Languages spoken

Kashmiri, Hindi, English

Time zones

IST (UTC+5.5 hours)

Major religions

Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism

Domestic international calling codes


Common greetings

1. Hello, Good Morning or Good Evening: Namaskār

2. Good Bye : Aad sa badiev

3. Thank you: Shukriya

4. Sorry: Maifi din

5. Do you speak English: Çė chuy angrez bolun tagan?/ Çė chukhė aņgrīz bolān?

6. I don’t understand: Mê chunė phikri tagan

7. No: Na

8. Yes: Thik chu

9. I don’t know: Mê chunė pata

10. How are you?: Toh chiv väri?

11. What is your name?: Çê kyāh chuy nāv?

12. My name is___: Main chu nav___ / Be chus___

13. Where is the washroom?: Gusalkhan kait chu?

14. Is this vegetarian? (Point to a dish in a menu card): Ye cha vaishnav khan?

15. Where is this? (Point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): Yi kat chu?

16. How much does this cost? - Ye kay leviey?/ aath kay chu kaemeth

17. Too expensive!: Satha dhroog!

18. A little cheaper - Ath karta kum pahan


Emergency numbers

Police Control Room: 100,

J&K TDC Tel: +91-1954-254-507, +91-1954-254-424,

Tourism Reception Centre Srinagar: +91-1942-452-691,

Gulmarg Tourist Office: +91-1954-254-439, +91-1954-254-487,

Telephone Directory Services: 197,

Ambulance: 102