Stores in Goa

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  • Sheek Emporium Boutique de Goa

    Sheek Emporium Boutique de Goa

    Owned by Sartaj, Sheek Emporium is one of the most famous designer boutique in Goa. Many items of clothing, ranging from wedding suits, evening dresses, coats etc. are tailored by Sartaj and his expert team of professionals. Mostly it is crowded by foreigners, who find the services very professional and ...

  • Sacha’s Shop

    Sacha’s Shop

    Sacha’s shop owned by Sacha is situated on the ground floor of her own ancestral home where Sacha Mendes' family has been living since 1934. It is a treasure box if you want to supplement your wardrobe. Accessories made from local material have an elegant fusion of ethnic Indian and ...