Food in Goa

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  • Chicken Cafreal

    Chicken Cafreal

    A spicy preparation made using chicken, which is cooked in a thick gravy comprising Portuguese spices, onions, cinnamon, green chilli and coriander. It tastes quite similar to the Portuguese Peri Peri, and is widely consumed as a starter in Goa. ...

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  • Vindaloo


    Fiercely spicy gravy that literally is a hot favourite in Goan households, this preparation can be made using chicken, pork, mutton or prawns. The usage of vinegar and sugar adds a distinctive flavour to the gravy. ...

    Local Dish Must Try
  • Xacuti


    A thick gravy preparation which is made using dry red chilli, poppy seeds, coconut and chicken, pork or lamb meat. Chicken Xacuti and Pork Xacuti are two popular dishes available in most Goan eateries. ...

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  • Dodol


    One for those with a sweet tooth, Dodol is a delectable dessert made by cooking together jaggery and rice flour in coconut milk. The mixture is cooked until it gains a thick and gooey consistency. ...

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  • Crab Xec Xec

    Crab Xec Xec

    Yet another fiery preparation from the Konkan kitchen, Crab Xec Xec is made by cooking crabs in thick gravy of tamarind, red chillies and coconut. It is best served with steamed or boiled rice, which is a staple in Goan households. ...

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  • Rissoles


    Rissoles are delicious snacks made by deep-frying pastry dough filled with shrimps, and come across as the perfect munchies to go along with your evening drinks. Much like the rest of Goan food, this dish too, was passed on by the Portuguese. ...

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