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    Goa has well over 25 amazing beaches ranging from the full-of-life party destinations to the serene and peaceful ones. As a general assumption, the beaches of North Goa are considered to be more happening and lively than those of South Goa which are quieter and more secluded.

    North ...

  • Galjibag Beach

    Galjibag Beach

    One of the most remote and prettiest beaches in Goa and Dabolim, Galgibag beach is 16 kilometres from Chaudi. Surrounded by fir trees, this beach is also popular because it is one of the few breeding grounds for Olive Ridley turtles (also known as Pacific turtle). While there aren’t much ...

  • Sernabatim Beach

    Sernabatim Beach

    The Sernabatim Beach is essentially a continuation of the Colva Beach. This beach is a much cleaner and quieter beach, as compared to other beaches in Goa and is an ideal place for swimming and relaxing. Away from noisy crowds and minus persistent hawkers, the Sernabatim Beach is popular for ...

  • Hollant Beach

    Hollant Beach

    Located south of Bogmalo beach, this is the only beach in Goa where one can witness a beautiful sunrise (considering Goa is on the West Coast of India). Nestled along the foothills of the lush Western Ghats, Hollant Beach offers visitors beautiful views. The beach looks even more charming during ...

  • Chapora Beach

    Chapora Beach

    One of the most serene and reclusive beaches in Goa, the Chapora beach is a sight to behold. Golden sands washed by blue waters and a coastline flanked by green hills, Chapora is perfect for some fun and relaxation. The shacks and hut restaurants by the beach are an experience ...

  • Kegdole Beach

    Kegdole Beach

    A serene and comparatively less commercialized beach, the Kegdole Beach is one of the less frequented beaches of Goa. The beach is located at the base of a hillock in the village of Verem. The Indian Navy has a Naval Academy on the top of the hillock. Among the more ...

  • Baga Beach

    Baga Beach

    One of the liveliest and most popular beaches in North Goa, Baga Beach is an extension of the Calangute Beach, dotted with sun decks and set amidst the picturesque Baga-Anjuna Hill. The most vibrant place where the fun never ends – Baga Beach is witness to hordes of visitors just ...

  • Arambol Beach

    Arambol Beach

    Located an hour’s drive from Dabolim Airport, Arambol Beach witnesses many tourists, especially foreigners, during winters (November and March). The beach is divided into two beaches – Armabol and Harmal. If you compare the beach with the popular beaches of North Goa like Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, this is less commercialized. ...

  • Keri Beach (Querim Beach)

    Keri Beach (Querim Beach)

    Located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Mapusa and boasting of natural beauty, Keri Beach, also known as Querim Beach is popularly known as a sea shore marvel. Since this white sandy beach is not commercialized and offers a quiet, peaceful environment, it attracts a lot of couples, especially ...

  • Paliem Beach

    Paliem Beach

    Also known as Kalacha beach or Sweet Lake beach, Paliem beach is nestled between the Keri and Arambol beaches. It is a secluded beach and is not directly accessible by road. You will love walking around the rocks if you’re travelling with your partner. ...

  • Odxel Beach

    Odxel Beach

    Not very well known to the tourists, Odxel beach is the favourite picnic spot for the locals. It is a small beach but a very pleasant and quiet one. There’s a catholic chapel on the beach, where lot of people have gotten married. The residence of the Governor of Goa ...

  •  Patnem Colomb Beach

    Patnem Colomb Beach

    Situated close to the Palolem beach are the twin beaches of Patnem and Colomb. The twin beaches form a horseshoe shape. It is especially for the people who do not like crowded areas. Water here is quite clean and worth taking a plunge. There are a few shacks to cater ...

  • Caranzalem Beach

    Caranzalem Beach

    If you are a water sport enthusiast, Caranzalem is the place for you. It is the coast line of Goa. As there are no under currents, people can swim safely here. Traditional Goan food shacks and restaurants are in abundance. The beach is used by locals for evening walks and ...

  • Arossim Beach

    Arossim Beach

    Just to the south of Velsao Beach is the beautiful stretch of Arossim Beach. It is the home of the pioneer of Goa’s freedom struggler Tristao Braganza Cunha. The place is heaven for adventure lovers and party seekers. The Star Fish shack is located in the very centre of the ...

  • Bambolim Beach

    Bambolim Beach

    If you wish to taste the local Goan cuisines, you must visit the Bambolim Beach. The restaurants on the beach offer not only amazing food, but the location is a complete delight to the eyes. The Bambolin Beach Resort offers comfortable accommodation. You will have a great time if you ...

  • Butterfly Beach

    Butterfly Beach

    As the name suggests, the Butterfly Beach is the beach of butterflies. It is one of the most picturesque beach among all the beaches of Goa. The beach is mesmerizing. Not known to many, the place is a perfect relaxing holiday destination. If one is lucky, one might see ...

  • Rajbagh Beach

    Rajbagh Beach

    Rajbagh Beach, also known as Raj Baga is situated 4 km south from Palolem Beach, in Canacona region. The 1 km long beach is undoubtedly one of the best and the tidiest beaches in Goa. The sand here is clean, perfect for evening walk and the water is safe for ...

  • Ashwem Beach

    Ashwem Beach

    Beginning on the banks of river Chapora, Ashwem Beach stretches for almost 1.5 km between Morjim beach and Mandrem beach. Ashwem beach is one of the laid back beaches of Goa and is never very crowded. There is plenty of accommodation around the Ashwem Beach and the most famous restaurant ...