The Old Town in Geneva

The Old Town has many winding alleys

The Old Town has many winding alleys | Photo credit: Tshein/flickr creative commons

The Old Town Overview

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Characterized by its cobblestone alleys, old buildings and sidewalk cafes and restaurants, the Geneva Old Town (La Vieille Ville) is a picturesque portion of the city. This quaint little Old Town has more to it than the gorgeous cathedral of St. Pierre. If you’re looking for art or antiques, then Old Town is the place for you. Filled with relics dating back to the medieval days, each shop is no less than a museum in itself. While Grand Rue is the primary shopping street, don’t be afraid to get lost in one of the Old Town’s many winding alleys because every turn promises a new surprise.

Don't Forget to Buy

  • Hot chestnuts
  • Local wine
  • Designer clothes

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