Restaurants in Geneva

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  • La Trattoria

    La Trattoria

    Head to La Trattoria for some lip-smacking Italian delicatessens in a cosy ambience. One of Geneva’s finest Italian restaurants, La Trattoria serves an exhaustive menu of Italian cuisines that includes an eclectic variety of pizzas and pastas. Ensure to book a table beforehand since the place gets packed fairly easily. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Perle du Lac

    Perle du Lac

    Enjoy a perfect romantic date with your partner at the Perle du Lac. Overlooking the lake in the Parc Mon Repos, the restaurant boasts of a panoramic viewpoint which is nothing short of poetry. The adjacent park greets visitors with a monumental fountain and a garden full of dahlias that ...

  • Edelweiss


    A beautiful chalet-style joint, just a stone’s throw from the lake, Edelweiss is the famous folkloric alpine-style restaurant in Geneva. Edelweiss serves local specialities in an atmosphere that will be one of the best moments of your Genevan vacation. Tables are lined up cosily under a high ceiling that displays ...

  • Chez Ma Cousine

    Chez Ma Cousine

    For the best value food in Geneva for just 15 CHF, head to Chez Ma Cousine! One of the city’s least pretentious and inexpensive eateries, Chez Ma Cousine serves basic French cuisine in an amiable venue of Spartan-looking wooden furniture and an open kitchen. The menu served is limited but ...

  • Brasserie Lipp

    Brasserie Lipp

    Named after the famous Parisian brasserie, the restaurant is fashioned like one too. With waiters in black jackets and long white aprons, and the waft of pot-au-feu, it seems like you’ve been transported to Paris. For the lovers of old-fashioned French brasserie, this place has all the charms to beguile ...

  • Sam-Lor Thai ("The Tricycle")

    Sam-Lor Thai ("The Tricycle")

    Wherever you travel, there’s likely to be a Thai restaurant and Geneva is no different. If all the French cuisine has overwhelmed your taste buds, then head to Geneva’s most trusted Thai restaurant, Sam-Lor Thai. It was the first Thai restaurant in the bustling Pâquis district. With a heady medley ...

  • Le Gruyèrien

    Le Gruyèrien

    About 400 litres of milk for one wheel of cheese! Nah, this isn’t fiction but the staple food in Switzerland. Le Gruyère is Switzerland’s most popular cheese that has been made for centuries in the countryside around the villages of Gruyère. Enjoy these heavenly and decadent specialities like cheese fondue, ...