Parks and Gardens in Geneva

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  • Bastions Park (Parc des Bastions)

    Bastions Park (Parc des Bastions)

    Located on the southern side of Lake Geneva, Bastion Park is near the Old Town in the centre of city. One of the iconic sites in the park is the International Monument to the Reformation and Reformation Wall on the east side along the walls of the Old Town.

    Parks and Gardens
  • English Gardens “Jardin Des Anglais”

    English Gardens “Jardin Des Anglais”

    Almost 20 per cent of Geneva is covered in parks, the most popular being the Jardin Anglais or the English Gardens. Built in 1854, the garden boasts of a superb location by Lake Geneva. The most striking feature of the garden is the huge yet charming Flower Clock that marks ...

    Parks and Gardens
  • Parc de La Grange

    Parc de La Grange

    Encompassing an area of 12,000 square metres, La Grange is remarkably landscaped and is the largest rose garden in the city. The garden displays more than 200 varieties of roses manicured with a beautiful aesthetic sense. The flowerbeds are in terrace form between large stairways of natural rock, enhanced by ...

    Parks and Gardens