Fêtes de Genève in Geneva

Features over 100 acts and 30 outdoor venues

Features over 100 acts and 30 outdoor venues | Photo credit: Flickr creative commons_xed

Fêtes de Genève Overview

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If you are planning to visit Switzerland in summers, make sure you plan your trip to Geneva around Fete de Geneva. The highlight of the summers, the fete attracts over two million visitors every year. Carnival rides, concerts, parades, fireworks and loads of food…there never seems to be a dull moment in the 10 days of the fete.

While the entire city is soaked in the fervour of the fete, the hub of the party is focused along the shores of Lake Geneva. Every evening is topped off with fireworks by different companies. The finale of the festival is the sensational Techno Parade where each float is a rave on wheels complete with costumed dancers and pumping beats that always get the crowd going.

  • Opening Closing Time Dates: August 4-14

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