English Gardens “Jardin Des Anglais” in Geneva

English Gardens “Jardin Des Anglais” Overview

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Almost 20 per cent of Geneva is covered in parks, the most popular being the Jardin Anglais or the English Gardens. Built in 1854, the garden boasts of a superb location by Lake Geneva. The most striking feature of the garden is the huge yet charming Flower Clock that marks a tribute to Geneva’s watch industry.

For over 50 years, this star attraction is one of city’s best known symbols. It is not only pretty but also tells the time with Swiss precision - the time you see is transmitted by satellite. Geneva’s most photographed clock, crafted from about 6500 living flowers, has been ticking since 1955 and boasts of the world’s longest second hand (2.5 metres).

  • Entrance Fee Free

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Quai du Général-Guisan, 1204 Genève