Edelweiss in Geneva

Edelweiss serves many local specialities

Edelweiss serves many local specialities | Photo credit: Hoteledelweissgeneva.com

Edelweiss Overview

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A beautiful chalet-style joint, just a stone’s throw from the lake, Edelweiss is the famous folkloric alpine-style restaurant in Geneva. Edelweiss serves local specialities in an atmosphere that will be one of the best moments of your Genevan vacation. Tables are lined up cosily under a high ceiling that displays the flagstone columns, flugelhorns and cowbells. And to top it all, the restaurant has performances by real yodellers every evening to give it that authentic “Made in Switzerland” touch!

Recommended Dishes

  • Fondues
  • Raclettes
  • Roasted lamb chops with herbs
  • Zurich-style sliced veal in cream sauce
  • Opening Closing Time 7 pm-11:30 pm daily

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Place de la Navigation 2, 1201 Geneva