Departmental Stores in Geneva

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  • Bon Génie

    Bon Génie

    Geneva’s subtle understated upmarket departmental store, Bon Génie houses several elegant clothing brands under one roof. It carries a number of fashionable designer labels for women such as Mani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, MaxMara, and much more. There's also a limited selection of men's clothing, as well as furniture, cosmetics ...

    Departmental Store
  • Chocolatier Aue

    Chocolatier Aue

    A trip to Geneva is incomplete if you haven’t bought truckloads of Swiss chocolates for yourself and your friends back home. And a set of Swiss chocolates are incomplete if you haven’t had one of Auer’s chocolates. Tempting chocolate lovers with one of the finest chocolates since 1939, Auers offer ...

    Departmental Store