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  • Travel Style

  • Lovebirds
  • Family Fun
  • Relaxation Bliss
    • Language

      German, French, Italian and English
    • Altitude

      430 metres
    • Time zone

      UTC/GMT +1 hours
    • Theme


Alongside Europe’s largest lake against the backdrop of the snow-dusted Alps, Geneva has a wow factor at every glance. Sinful Swiss chocolates, masterpiece watches, breathtaking vistas and awe-inspiring monuments…Experience all this and much more in the ‘Peace Capital’ of the world - Geneva!

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You will like

  • Shopping

    From cheese and chocolates to world-class watches, shopping in Geneva is every shopper's dream come true.

  • Cathedrals

    Admire the old cathedrals and chapels built in the 12th and 13th centuries with Romanesque-style architecture.

  • Parks and Gardens

    True havens of peace and scenic beauty, there is a park or a garden to relax in almost every corner. More than 50 parks and gardens act as the city’s oxygen tank.

  • Nightlife

    Geneva has a more diverse and varied nightlife than any other city in Switzerland.

  • Museums

    With more than 30 museums and galleries, capture the full spectrum of Geneva’s cultural and historical offerings.

Be prepared

  • Touts

    Known for its watches, the city may have a lot of shops selling watches that are mostly made in China and Japan and are not original Swiss watches.

Describing It

Quaint yet sleek, cobbled yet cosmopolitan, swanky yet archaic, Geneva is definitely Europe’s blue eyed city! Strung around the shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, Geneva elegantly blends the Gothic and pastoral with the glamorous and posh. The winding alleys, pristine parks and manicured promenades give way to the flagrant cosmopolitan tone.

Often mistaken as the Swiss capital, the city remains witness to one of world’s most significant symposiums ever. Home to the United Nations, International Red Cross, International Labour Organization, World Health Organization…You name it, and they are in Geneva!

Is it the dreamy song sequences of Yash Chopra movies or the gorgeous nature’s bounty of the Alps in the backdrop that has forever inspired romance? Is it the tricks of Swiss chocolates to the palate that has put our resistance to decadence? Come and find the answers yourself, in this gem of a city called Geneva…