Navratri in Gandhinagar

It is called as the festival of nine lights

It is called as the festival of nine lights | Photo credit: Ribhu Dey/wikimedia

Navratri Overview

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The festival of nine nights celebrating the home coming of the mother Goddess is celebrated with great fervor in Gandhinagar. The festival stretches across nine days and is celebrated with the state’s famous Garbha and Dandiya Raas folk dances. During Navratri people wear traditional clothes, fast and pray and revere the Goddess Durga, to whom the festival is dedicated. The Government of Gujarat has also recently organised a Navratri Festival Celebration and people from all over the state and Guajarati’s residing in other parts of the world also come back home to celebrate the festival.

  • Opening Closing Time October/November annually (dates vary according to the Hindu calendar)

  • Entrance Fee Entry fee and tickets vary according to the venue.

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