Indroda Nature Park in Gandhinagar

The Dinosaur and fossil section of the park is intriguing

The Dinosaur and fossil section of the park is intriguing | Photo credit: FabSubeject/wikimedia

Indroda Nature Park Overview

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Indroda Nature Park (INP) is an environment conservation initiative led by the Forest Department of Gandhinagar. Situated in the capital city of Gujarat, this park covers a total geographical area of 428 hectares, which is covered with dense forestation and rich vegetation. River Sabarmati gently meanders through the verdant terrains of this park - dividing it into two sections. Since its establishment in 1970 as a ravine-reclamation area, this nature park has come a long way in becoming a beautiful man-made forest and delightful tourist attraction of the city.

The nature park has been divided into various sections, which are dedicated to different varieties of flora and fauna. The Dinosaur and Fossil Section is the most intriguing, which displays bones, eggs and other precious fossils related to this extinct animal. Mammals, reptiles and birds can also be seen in this conservation area. While the Earth Section is related to geology, the Marine Section is all about sea organisms. Indroda Nature Park also has a Plant Section and Botanical Garden, where a large number of indigenous trees, ornamental exotic flora, succulent plants and medicinal herbs are planted and preserved.

  • Opening Closing Time 08:00 am – 06:00 pm (Daily except Monday)

  • Photo Opp

    Indroda Nature Park is an ideal place for nature and wildlife photography as it is home to several animal, avian and plant species.
  • For Kids

    A tour of Indroda Nature Park would acquaint children with different types of vegetation and wildlife. This park also creates awareness among children about environment conservation.
  • Entrance Fee Free for Children below 5 years of age, differently-abled people and people from the GEER Foundation <br /> Rs. 10 for Children between 5 – 12 years of age <br /> Rs. 20 for Visitors above 12 years of age <br /> Rs. 5 for Teachers and Students of Schools and Colleges Vehicle Charges: Rs. 10 for Two-Wheelers Rs. 20 for Light Motor Vehicles Rs. 60 for Heavy Motor Vehicles (School/Colleges) Rs. 80 for Heavy Motor Vehicles (Private)

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