Things to Do in Galle

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  • Galle Fort

    Galle Fort

    Galle Fort is by far the most important tourist attraction in Galle. Spread over a humongous area of 36 acres, the fort is a settlement in itself which showcases the century-old culture and colonial heritage of Galle. A multi-ethnic population inhabits it, and a tour through the fort is sure ...

  • National Maritime Museum

    National Maritime Museum

    Set up within an age-old warehouse of the colonial times which is located in close proximity to the Old Gate of the Galle Fort, the National Maritime Museum houses some of the deepest secrets of the aquatic world. Ship wrecks and other underwater treasures are showcased in this exclusive museum, ...

  • Ariapala Mask Museum

    Ariapala Mask Museum

    Showcasing Sri Lanka’s history by means of masks, which have been a prevalent part of the Lankan traditions, the Ariapala Mask Museum uncovers the mystery behind the culture of masks. Cultural performances are also held at the museum from time to time, and this attraction lures those who are interested ...

  • The Breadfruit Tree

    The Breadfruit Tree

    Brought to Sri Lanka by the Dutch, the oldest breadfruit tree is situated within the premises of the Galle Fort and is a popular attraction in the city. This tree was brought to the country about 300 years ago and is now grown all over the place. The locals have ...

  • Dutch Reformed Church

    Dutch Reformed Church

    A structure of religious and cultural heritage, the Dutch Reformed Church dates back to the 1600s. Tiled with grave stones which were taken from the Old Dutch Cemetery, this church preserves remains in its walls and under the flooring of the church. ...

  • Peace Pagoda

    Peace Pagoda

    The Japanese Peace Pagoda located in Galle is one of the most tranquil attractions of the city and it exudes a sense of calm. A must-visit for those seeking spirituality and inner peace, this attraction makes for an excellent trek and also offers mesmerising views from the top of the ...