Galle Fort in Galle

Surreal views of the landscape from the Galle Fort

Surreal views of the landscape from the Galle Fort

Galle Fort Overview

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Galle Fort is by far the most important tourist attraction in Galle. Spread over a humongous area of 36 acres, the fort is a settlement in itself which showcases the century-old culture and colonial heritage of Galle. A multi-ethnic population inhabits it, and a tour through the fort is sure to impress you with its majestic age-old architecture. It has managed to survive major tests of time, including the devastating Tsunami of 2004. It has now been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The site itself holds archaeological, historical as well as architectural significance, and it also has several attractions within its territory; from buzzing cafes, bookstores and restaurants to museums, gift and jewellery shops, hotels and offices built in the colonial-style architecture.

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