Galle FAQs

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Notes currencies cards

Sri Lankan rupee

Cellular service for tourists

Mobitel and Dialog are the most popular and cost-effective mobile service operators in Sri Lanka and these can be purchased at their outlets at Colombo airport.

Wifi internet

Internet facility is available at most of the hotels and upscale restaurants, which have either free or chargeable Wi-Fi internet access.

Drinking laws

The legal age for the consumption of alcohol in Sri Lanka is 25 years.


Most of the food and beverage outlets add a service charge in the final bill, so tipping is not necessary. However, small tips for good service are always appreciated.

Custom visa

An intended traveller planning a holiday visit, a short business trip or to transit through, needs to apply and obtain an ETA prior to arrival in Sri Lanka. ETA application can be submitted using one of the following options:

  1. By the applicant
  2. By Third party
  3. By Registered agents
  4. At Sri Lanka Overseas Missions
  5. At the head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), Colombo
  6. On arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka

The application for ETA should be submitted electronically using one of the six submission methods mentioned above. The Department maintains a NO REFUND policy.

An ETA holder is entitled to enter Sri Lanka within three months from the date of issue of ETA.

The types of ETA:

  • ETA for Tourist purpose with double entry for 30 (thirty) days
  • ETA for Business purpose with multiple entry for 30 (thirty) days
  • ETA for Transit for 07 (seven) days. (First 48 hours free of charge.)


Galle has a low crime rate and therefore considered relatively safe. However, petty crimes like pickpocketing or bag snatching are common. It’s advisable to always be cautious of your surroundings and avoid visiting isolated areas.

General information

Languages spoken

Sinhala, Tamil, English

Time zones


Major religions

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam

Domestic international calling codes

00 94 91

Electricity standards

230 V/50; Plug type D, G and M

Common greetings

Yes Ow

No Naa

Hello/good day Ayubowan

Thank you Istuti

Thank you very much Bohoma istuti

How are you? Kohomadhe?

Fine Varadak neh

Please Karunakerara

What is your name? Nama mokadhdha?

My name is.... Mage nama....

OK/very good Hari hondai

Delicious Hari rasai

I don’t understand Mata terinneh neh

Very expensive Hari ganan

No sugar please Seeni netuwa

Please stop here Metana nawaththanna

Where are you going? Koheda yanna?

Where is the hotel? Hootale kohedha?

Where is the station? Stesemeta eka ko?

What is this? Mekeh mokadeh?

May I telephone? Mata call ekak ganda poluwandeh?

How much (is this)? (Meeka) kiyadha?

Do you speak English? Ingirisi dannevada?

I don’t speak Sinhala Singhala danna naa


Emergency numbers

Ambulance (Fire) (Colombo): 110, National Help Desk: 118, Police: 119, Government Help: 1919,