Factory Outlet in Galle

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  • Kanthisiri


    A fixed-price textile shop, Kanthisiri has the most varied variety of draperies and fabrics in Galle. Be sure to take home some clothing items from here, as the quality of materials is good and there are plenty of designs to choose from. ...

    Factory Outlet
  • Laksana


    Known to have the largest assemblage of gems in Galle, Laksana is the perfect place to shop for precious and semi-precious jewellery. It has the finest collections of earrings, birthstones, pendants, bracelets and many more. Apart from gemstones, Laksana is also known for its silver jewellery. ...

    Factory Outlet
  • Olanda


    Located on Leyn Baan Street in Galle, Olanda incorporates an innovative concept of refurbishing antique furniture. The store houses several sets of antiques and reproductions of antique furniture, and also has a variety of home accessories. ...

    Factory Outlet