Khwabgah in Fatehpur Sikri

Houses the personal library of Akbar

Houses the personal library of Akbar | Photo credit: Haros/Wikimediacommons

Khwabgah Overview

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One of the most beautiful structures of the palatial Fatehpur Sikri complex is Khwabgah or the Dream Palace. Built using red sandstone, the impressive edifice was constructed for the great Mughal King Akbar and was attached to the Daftar Khana (office) of the royal complex.

There are several rooms in this building where Akbar held official meetings. There is also a bedroom, a personal library and a small bathroom. It is believed that the library or Utub Khana of Akbar had more than 25000 manuscripts along with his important official documents. It is said that Akbar's bedroom or Khilwatkada-I-Khas was connected to the Panch Mahal and the royal harem through an enclosed passage.

Apart from the king’s personal room, all the chambers feature comparatively simple designing. His room is beautifully decorated and has carved panels and lovely mural paintings depicting scenes from the Mughal court on the walls. The walls also have some Persian inscriptions praising the beauty of the palace and relating it to heaven.

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    Every corner of this royal edifice is worth capturing in your camera lens. Pose anywhere in the Khwabgah to get a beautiful snapshot with a regal touch that can be cherished forever.
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