Dubai is blessed with a location which makes it very easy to reach from all parts of the world. Many people stop over at Dubai before their onward journey to the east or the west. Dubai International Airport is one of the best in the world, with traffic of thousands of flights on a daily basis. With easy connections and plenty of airline options, flying to or through Dubai is a breeze. 
Dubai Airport:
Terminal 1: International flights (except Emirates)
Terminal 2: Low-cost airlines, Cargo
Terminal 3: All Emirates flights



Dubai has an excellent road network, both for intra-city travel and inter-city transfers. The roads are fantastic for self-drive or for cab rides, and the planned infrastructure allows for great connectivity. There are several car rental options in the city, and cabs are easily available as well. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has great inter-city connectivity, and there are buses to and from the other emirates throughout the day and night. Dubai buses have the first 3 rows of seats reserved for female passengers. The NOL ticket works across all RTA transport, and can be bought at any bus/metro station or even inside the bus. The average frequency of buses is around 3-5 minutes, and for inter-city travel there is one bus every 30 min – 1 hour. You can know bus timings by sending an SMS to 5223 or calling 8009090.



There is no train service in the UAE yet, although the project has been initiated.




The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) runs frequent buses on all routes in Dubai. There are comfortable AC buses, and even some air conditioned bus stops, given the high temperatures of the place. You need a NOL card to travel by an RTA transport, which is easily available at any metro station or major bus depot. This card can be recharged at any RTA station.




Dubai is not particularly a pedestrian friendly city, and most people prefer to use RTA as a means of transport. Nonetheless, there are wide walk-ways, footpaths and cycle lanes in most parts of the city. In the summer months, it is not advisable to be outdoors for too long, given the extreme temperatures.

Dubai Metro


Dubai metro is a very convenient way of going around the city, and covers most of the main neighbourhoods of the city. A driverless, fully automated metro, this service is one of the best in the world, with 2 lines operational, and 3 in plans. With feeder buses at every station, there is excellent last-mile connectivity. One can travel the metro using the NOL card. The ticket price starts at 1.80 AED. Dubai Metro is one of the most popular means of commuting since it started in 2009, and an increasingly economical means of transport for tourists and residents alike.



Taxis are easily available in Dubai, and can be hailed wherever available. Compared to most major cities, the taxis are quite reasonable, and follow a metre to calculate the fare. Many drivers understand and speak English, or communicate in Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Filipino and many other languages. The minimum starting fare in cabs is AED 10. From the airport, one can only take 8-seater taxis, and their starting fare is AED 20. One can also book cabs, which have a starting fare of AED 6. There is also a Dubai Taxi mobile app through which you can call for a cab. Apart from the RTA cabs, radio taxi company Uber is also operational in the city.



Dubai has a culture of self-driving and most locals travel using their own cars. Dubai has a great road network, with 8-10 lanes on some routes, and it is truly a pleasure to drive around the city. However, the road rules are pretty stringent, and there are radars and police surveillance all over the city. Most cameras are set at around 20 kilometres per hour above the written speed limit, however one must not risk the limit, as the fines are quite high. One needs to be clear of the road rules before choosing to self-drive, and the Dubai Driving License is also a thorough and methodical process. For driving FAQs, please go here


Car Rental


Visitors and tourists to the city can drive rented cars, with a mandatory car insurance. There are many car rental companies like Avis, Budget Rent A Car, Europcar, Sixt, and more. Indians need an international driving licence to drive in Dubai. To rent a car in Dubai, one needs to be 25 or above, pay a security deposit in advance, and have a registered driving license from a reputed country. You cannot take the rented cars outside of the UAE.

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