The best time to visit Dubai is from November to April, when the weather is pleasant. January and February is the peak season because of the Dubai Shopping Festival and thus hotel rates and airfares tend to be high. The temperatures begin to rise by April and May and summers in Dubai are hot and humid, thus it is not crowded at this time, and flights are cheaper.


Flight from Delhi: Starting at Rs. 14,000(round trip)
Flight from Mumbai: Starting at Rs. 13,000 (round trip)
  Best air fares  
1&2 stars: Rs. 2,700 to Rs. 5000
  3&4 stars: Rs. 3000 to Rs. 8000
  5 star: Rs. 7000 onwards
  Best hotel deals  
Per person per day (excluding alcohol)
Budget: AED 50
  Mid -Range: AED 100 - 200
  Splurge: Variable based on choice of restaurant and locality  


The UAE Embassy does not issue visas on ordinary passports. Tourist visa for an Indian National, holding an ordinary passport, is arranged by either: A sponsor in UAE. A hotel, on booking a hotel in UAE. Through the airline if you are holding a round trip ticket on Emirates,Fly Dubai,  Air Arabia Etihad or Jet Airways. Through a Travel Agent in India who in turn arrange it through the ... READ MORE




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Dubai is blessed with a location which makes it very easy to reach from all parts of the world. Many people stop over at Dubai before their onward journey to the east or the west. Dubai International Airport is one of the best in the world, with traffic of thousands of flights on a daily basis. With easy connections and plenty of airline options, flying to or through Dubai is a breeze.
Dubai Airport:
Terminal 1: International flights (except Emirates and Quantas)
Terminal 2: Low-cost airlines incl Flydubai Indigo and regional carriers
Terminal 3: All Emirates flights and Quantas 
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 The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has great inter-city connectivity. The NOL ticket (Nol Card is a smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single card. You can use your Nol Card to travel on Dubai's Metro, Buses, Water Buses,Dubai Tram as well as pay for RTA's Paid Parking) works across all RTA transport, and can be bought at any bus/metro station or even inside the bus. The frequency of buses is around 3-5 minutes, and for inter-city travel there is one bus every 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can know bus timings by sending an SMS to 5223 or calling 8009090.


There is no train service in the UAE yet, although the project has been initiated.


From April to September, Dubai’s weather is generally hot, so it’s best to pack comfortable clothing, with light colours. Because of the cultural norms, it is advisable to wear clothing which is not too revealing. However, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and attire from all parts of the world is accepted. For summer, carry comfortable open footwear. Much of what there is to see in Dubai is indoor in the summer, with fully air-conditioned locations, which ironically might get chilly, so it is best to carry a light shrug, just in case. For the winter months, you can pack sweaters or light jackets. Even though it is very pleasant, the wind might add to the chill in the evenings.

DOs & DON’Ts

  • Although dressing is fairly liberal in Dubai, it is advisable to dress conservatively.
  • Public display of affection is strictly prohibited in Dubai
  • Do respect the privacy and modesty of local Arab women, as they are conservative. Liberal interactions with women are not accepted.
  • There is zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and the punishment is either jail or deportation.
  • Consumption of alcohol in open areas and malls is strictly prohibited, and you can only consume alcohol in licensed establishments.
  • During Ramadan, it is strictly prohibited to eat, drink or smoke in public places, and the police can check or warn you for it.
  • Do not venture into the Naif Road or Mina Bazaar areas alone after dark, as they may be unsafe
  • Do not be taken in by counterfeit accessories, as there will be many vendors trying to sell them to you.
  • There is a recurring scam in Dubai, where people call to congratulate you on winning a lucky draw, and ask to transfer money as security. This is completely false, and you must not give out any personal details or transfer any money.
  • Do not jay-walk anywhere (crossing the street away from the designated pedestrian crossings) as there is a fine for it.
  • Many roads in Dubai have speeding radars, so do not over speed, as there are heavy fines for it.
  • It is advisable to not be openly vocal about the government, as it can be taken negatively by the authorities.
  • Do bargain in the Souk areas, as prices after often marked-up.
  • Do go for a traditional Arabic experience, like a desert safari or dhow cruise, as it is unique to the place and truly enjoyable.

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