Transportation in Delhi

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  • Bus

    Delhi is well connected by bus and even though it is a cheap means of transport, buses can get very crowded, especially during peak hours. Most buses are government run and are operated by the DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and are either red (air-conditioned) or green (non air-conditioned). Bus routes are not properly displayed at bus stops and the best way to find your way around is to check the route online or by asking people.

  • Taxi

    There are various kinds of taxi services available in Delhi. The first being the yellow and black ambassadors, which usually charge 15% more than auto rickshaws. The metres of these cabs usually start at Rs.15 for the first kilometer and Rs.8.50 per kilometer thereafter. These taxis can be found at local taxi stands where you can book the cab and fix the fare.

    Apart from this you can also book a radio cab, which are available twenty fours hours and can be booked over the phone or the internet. These cabs are clean and come fitted with functional meters and GPS, though be prepared to pay a bit extra for these cabs. Some popular radio cab operators in Delhi are Mega Cabs (011-41414141) and Quick Cabs (011-45333333).

  • Metro

    The Delhi Metro remains one of the fastest, most economic and best ways to travel around Delhi in air conditioned comfort. This expansive intra city rail network connects Old Delhi to Central Delhi to NCR. The metro has been divided into six lines, namely the red line, yellow line, blue line, green line, violet line and the airport line. Fares start at Rs. 8 and go up to Rs. 30. Buy a smart card, if you’re going to be staying in Delhi for longer. A smart card offers you a 10% discount on fares and also saves you the trouble of having to stand in line to buy a token. There is also a tourist card which offers unlimited use for Rs.100 for one day and Rs.250 for three days. The first compartment of all metro trains is reserved for lady passengers, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Hop On Hop Off Bus

    These buses, also known as Ho Ho Buses are air conditioned tourist buses which follow a set route of stops around the city, giving passengers the flexibility to hop off and hop on the next bus as and when they like. Operated by Delhi Tourism, the Ho Ho buses are manned by English speaking staff and the service is available on all days of the week, except Mondays. Passengers can opt for either a one day or two day pass. The Ho Ho Buses take tourists to more than 20 tourist attractions in Delhi, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, markets, monuments and bazaars. The Ho Ho buses are by far one of the most convenient and relaxed ways to explore Delhi.

  • Auto Rickshaw

    Cheaper than taxis, auto rickshaws are a quick and cheap alternative to get around the city. Auto rickshaws, or autos, as they are popularly known, are supposed to charge Rs.25 for the first kilometer and Rs.8 thereafter. Though in some cases auto drivers may refuse to ply by the metre and also tend to overcharge.

    If you face any trouble with auto drivers, you can contact the nearest police station with the registration number of the auto, which will result in the auto driver being fined. There are also numerous pre-paid auto stands run by the Delhi Traffic Police. All you need to do is tell them your destination, pay them upfront and retain the receipt given to you, which you will need to give the driver when you reach your destination.

  • Cycle Rickshaws

    Cycle rickshaws are ideal for destinations which are too long to walk, yet too short for an auto rickshaw or a taxi. Since cycle rickshaws do not have metres, it is advised to decide a fare before hopping in. Old Delhi and other smaller parts of Delhi, which are notorious for their narrow lanes are best explored in the back of a cycle rickshaw.

  • On Foot

    Delhi is a great city to enjoy leisurely walks; especially down the leafy boulevards of Lutyen’s Delhi, Central Delhi, Old Delhi and some parts of South Delhi. Some great areas to go walking in Delhi are from India Gate to Rajpath in Central Delhi, Jama Masjid to Red Fort in Old Delhi and the Hauz Khas Complex, where you’ll find a lake and ancient monuments. Traffic in Delhi can be notorious and it is advised to be careful while walking down or crossing busy roads or intersections.