Tomb of Khan-i-Khana in Delhi

Welcome to this historic site!

Welcome to this historic site! | Photo credit: RussBowling / Wikipedia

Tomb of Khan-i-Khana Overview

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Situated in Nizamuddin East, in close proximity to Humayun’s Tomb lies the tomb of Khan-i-Khana, a famous composer during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar, more popularly known as Rahim.

This tomb was originally built by Rahim for his wife in 1598, but he himself was buried here in in 1627. The tomb is topped with a bulbous dome and is adorned with canopies and arches. The tomb of Rahim is located below the surface and is inaccessible to the public. The first floor of the tomb contains two small raised platforms, though the rest of it is pretty bear with nothing much to see.

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise to sunset

  • Entrance Fee Rs.5

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Nizamuddin East, New Delhi