Talkatora Gardens in Delhi

Take a peaceful walk at the beautiful Talkatora Gardens.

Take a peaceful walk at the beautiful Talkatora Gardens. | Photo credit: Ashish Bhatnagar/Wikimediacommons

Talkatora Gardens Overview

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Located on the Willingdon Cresent the Talkatora Gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in Delhi. Built in accordance with the Mughal style of architecture, the gardens are complete with colourful flowers, beautiful water bodies and vast stretches of green. The gardens derive their name from a “tal” (tank) which used to be located in the premises earlier and “katora” (bowl) which refer to the bowl shaped natural depressions in the landscape around the Delhi ridge.

The Talkatora Gardens have a historical significance as this is where the Mughals defeated the Marathas in 1738. The gardens are also famous because of the Talkatora Indoor Stadium which has hosted numerous sporting events over the years. The best time to visit the Talkatora Gardens is during the spring season when the flowers are in full bloom and the garden is at its vibrant best. The Talkatora Gardens are also the venue for numerous horticulture shows and events.

  • Opening Closing Time 3pm to 6 pm

  • For Kids

    Children will enjoy playing around the wide open spaces of the Talkatora Gardens.
  • Entrance Fee Entry is free

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