Paranthas in Delhi

Paranthas Overview

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The parantha remains a popular Indian favourite flatbread thanks to its delicious taste and how innovative it is. A parantha can be had for breakfast, lunch dinner and even as a late night between snack.

Paranthas are primarily vegetarian and can be stuffed with potatoes, green peas, cauliflower, radish, paneer and even leftover veggies and lentils. These delicious crisp paranthas are best enjoyed with butter, pickles and yogurt on the side.

Paranthas remain a popular street food and there are numerous small stalls across Delhi where you’ll be able to find some delicious paranthas.

Where do I try this Dish: Available in small food stalls all around Delhi, paranthas are easy to find. Though the paranthas from Pundit Gaya Prasad, Shiv Charan Paranthe Wala in Old Delhi and the Moolchand Paranthewala are particularly famous.

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