Kulfi in Delhi

Ever tried chiku and jamun kulfi?

Ever tried chiku and jamun kulfi? | Photo credit: Hintha / Wikimediacommons

Kulfi Overview

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The Indian version of ice cream, kulfi is a frozen dessert very popular not only in Delhi, but across the country. Delicious and creamy, kulfi comes in a variety of flavours and some of the popular flavours are saffron, cardamom, mango and rose. Though these days there are many more innovative flavours available such as apple, orange, chiku, jamun and pomegranate flavoured kulfi.

Apart from the simple version of kulfi which is available on a stick there is also the falooda kulfi which is essentially kulfi served with sweet noodles made out of arrowroot, spiked with saffron, rose and other flavouring.

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