Khairul Manzil Masjid in Delhi

Photo credit: Varun Shiv Kapur - Wikimediacommons

Khairul Manzil Masjid Overview

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The Khairul Manzil Masjid is located opposite the Purana Qila and was built in 1561 by Maham Anga, a powerful wet nurse of Emperor Akbar. Anga was the foster mother of Akbar and briefly ruled the Mughal Emperor when Akbar was a young boy. The mosque was built with the help of Shiha-bud-Din-Ahmad Khan an influential minister and relative of Maham Anga.

The Khairul Manzil Masjid is constructed using rubble which has been coated with white plaster and has five high arches which leads to the main prayer hall. The most impressive features of the mosque is the massive gateway which has been constructed using red sandstone. The central bay of the prayer hall is topped with a dome, while the other bays have been covered with a vault. The arch in the middle of the prayer chamber is covered with inscriptions which proclaim that the mosque was constructed by Maham Anga.

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise to sunset

  • Entrance Fee Entry is free and open to all.

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