Jama Masjid in Delhi

Revel in religious fervour at the Jama Masjid.

Revel in religious fervour at the Jama Masjid. | Photo credit: Peter Rivera / Flickr

Jama Masjid Overview

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Shah Jahan’s last architectural extravagance, the Jama Masjid towers over Old Delhi and is India’s largest mosque. Commissioned by Shah Jahan in 1650 the mosque took six years to be constructed and was completed in 1656. The massive courtyard of the Jama Masjid can hold up to twenty five thousand worshippers and houses many interesting relics, including an ancient copy of the Quran inscribed on deer skin.

The main prayer hall of the Jama Masjid is topped with three white bulbous domes and the entrance is adorned with high rising arches which cover the mihrab (an alcove in the wall which indicates the direction of prayer). A pool in the centre of the mosque is used by the faithful for ablutions before prayer.

The Jama Masjid is flanked by slim red and white minarets on all four sides which reach high into the sky. In the north east corner of the mosque is a small shrine which houses relics of Prophet Muhammad, such as a red hair from his beard, his sandals and his footprint imprinted on a marble slab.

  • Opening Closing Time 7am to an hour before sunset (summer), 8am to an hour before sunset (winter). The Jama Masjid is closed for half an hour in the afternoon for prayers.

  • Entrance Fee Entry is free and open for all, though a fee of Rs.200 is charged for cameras. Please remember to dress modestly while visiting the Jama Masjid, no shorts, short skirts or sleeveless tops are allowed. Visitors and worshippers are required to remove their shoes at the entrance.

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