ISKCON Temple in Delhi

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ISKCON Temple Overview

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Located in East of Kailash in New Delhi, the ISKCON temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The ISKCON Temple is run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, also known as the Hare Krishna movement. Opened in 1998, the ISKCON Temple is located at the Hare Krishna Hills in South Delhi.

The ISKCON Temple was designed by Achyut Kanvinde in 1993 and is one among the largest temple complexes in the country. The temple has numerous rooms for priests, prayer services, volunteers and administration functions.

The temple also has a sound and light show in their Vedic Museum called the Vedic Expo. This show aims at enlightening people about the science of Veda through vivid animated form, using state of the art Meca-Tronic technology. The show takes viewers through the various parts of the Bhagvada Gita like the laws of karma, re-incarnation, and the science of soul, yoga and meditation.

  • Opening Closing Time 4:30 am to 9pm, all days of the week.

  • Entrance Fee Entry is free and open to all

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