Isa Khan’s Tomb in Delhi

The tomb with a sunken garden style.

The tomb with a sunken garden style. | Photo credit: Kuldeepsingh Mahawar - Wikipedia

Isa Khan’s Tomb Overview

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Located in the same complex as the Humyaun’s Tomb, the tomb of Isa Khan was built during his lifetime between 1562-1571. An Afghan Nobel in the court of Sher Shah Suri, Isa Khan’s tomb has a strong resemblance with other tombs constructed during the Sur Dynasty.

Isa Khan’s tomb is beautifully adorned with varnished tiles, ornate awnings, lattice windows and ample verandahs held up by pillars. This tomb is one of the best and earliest examples of sunken garden style tombs in India.

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise to sunset

  • Entrance Fee Rs.10 (Indians), Rs.250 (foreigners). Children up to 15 years can enter free.

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