HOHO Bus Tour in Delhi

Enjoy hopping on and off the bus as you take this tour!

Enjoy hopping on and off the bus as you take this tour! | Photo credit: Surojit / Wikimediacommons

HOHO Bus Tour Overview

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The Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour, popularly known as the HOHO Bus Tour is a great and relatively inexpensive and fun way to go sightseeing around Delhi. There are special air conditioned l buses for these tours and passengers can hop and hop off these buses as they like at any of the designated pick up and drop off points.

The HOHO Bus Tour follows a set route which covers over 18 destinations in Delhi including museums, historical monuments, parks and gardens, temples, art galleries, hotels, shopping malls and local bazaars.

The HOHO buses run every 30 minutes and provide tourists a flexible option for sightseeing. Audio guides are also available along the tour and tourists have the option of booking tickets online, saving them the hassle of lining up endlessly outside ticketing offices. There is also an onboard ticketing facility if you wish to purchase tickets on the spot. What’s more that even monument entry tickets are available to tourists to save time.

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There are multiple pick up and drop off points across Delhi.

For more information about the HOHO Bus Tour please visit http://www.hohodelhi.com/