Delhi Heritage Walks in Delhi

Explore heritage sites in Mehrauli.

Explore heritage sites in Mehrauli. | Photo credit: Varun Shiv Kapur - Flickr

Delhi Heritage Walks Overview

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The Delhi Heritage Walk explores Mehrauli, the area behind the Qutub Minar and the sufi shrine around which it is built. During the walk you will get to explore the sufi shrine of Bakhtiyar Kaki. Each monument in the Mehrauli complex is steeped in history and has a story to tell.

When headed for this walk make sure you’re dressed modestly since religious shrines are part of this walk as well, also carry drinking water and make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes.

  • Opening Closing Time Timings of the walks differ and it is advised to contact the Delhi Heritage Walks team at or call them at 9212534868.

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Mehrauli, New Delhi