Chacha Ke Cholley Bhature in Delhi

Chacha Ke Cholley Bhature Overview

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Chaha Ke Cholley Bhature is one of the most popular names for street food in Delhi. Located in Delhi;s University’s North Camus Chacha ke Cholley Bhaturey is counted among the best places to have cholley bhaturey in Delhi. Served along with pickle and green chutney, Chacha Ke Cholley Bhature is truly a treat for your taste buds.

There are two kinds of bhaturas available at Chachas, one being the plain bhatura and the other being the aloo and paneer stuffed one. This humble little food stall is thronged with students and on most days the food is over by 1pm. Wash down Chach’s delicious cholley bhaturey with some lemon soda from the stall next door.

  • Opening Closing Time 11 am to 5 pm ( try and reach before 1pm, because most of the food is over by then)

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