Transportation in Dehradun

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  • Bus

    Dehradun has a private bus service which you can use to get around the city. But since most of these buses get very crowded, it is advised to use other means of transportation.

  • Auto Rickshaws

    You will find plenty of auto rickshaws around Dehradun, but most of them do not have a meter and follow a fixed fare system. It is a good practice to tell the driver your destination and make sure you know how much you will be expected to pay at the end of your journey.

  • Shared Auto-Rickshaws

    Locally known as Vikram’s, these large-ish auto rickshaws are usually packed with around 8-10 passengers in the back and can frequently be seen zipping through Dehradun ferrying passengers across various parts of the city. Even though it may be cheap, this is not the safest or the most comfortable way to travel, unless you’re up for an adventure.

  • Walking

    The best way of getting around and exploring Dehradun is on foot. Considering Dehradun is a relatively condensed city it will be easy for you to find your way around. Rajpur Road and Chakrata Road are the two main streets in Dehradun and they both intersect at the clock tower. Walking around Dehradun should not take you more than half an hour.