Street Market in Dehradun

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  • Paltan Bazaar

    Paltan Bazaar

    Located in the heart of the city, near the clock tower, one of the best places to shop in Dehradun is the Paltan Bazar, where you can buy practically anything. Right from clothes, footwear, books, handicrafts and gift items, Paltan Bazaar has all it takes you to spend the entire ...

    Street Market
  • Landour Bazaar

    Landour Bazaar

    Located in Mussoorie and located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Dehradun, the Landour Bazaar is one of Mussoorie’s busiest and most popular markets. Even though you get practically everything here, Landour Bazaar is particularly famous for its high quality custom-made leather shoes, to the extent that many celebrities ...

    Street Market
  • The Mall

    The Mall

    The Mall is a colourful and busy market in Dehradun where you will find shops selling everything from clothes to footwear to jewellery to gifts and souvenirs. If you feel hungry while shopping, there are numerous fast food outlets where you can grab a quick bite to eat. ...

    Street Markets
  • Rajpur Road

    Rajpur Road

    Located right in the heart of the city and one of Dehradun’s most popular streets, Rajpur Road has numerous shops from where you can buy garments, footwear, souvenirs, jewellery and electronics ...

    Street Markets
  • Indira Market

    Indira Market

    Located near the Clock Tower, Indira Market is a great place to buy clothes, shoes and accessories, especially for men. ...

    Street Markets
  • Tibetan Market

    Tibetan Market

    Open at two locations, one near Parade Ground Road and the other Rispana Pul, these markets are run by Tibetans and are famous for woolen garments. This is a great place to buy Tibetan handicrafts and jewellery at bargain prices. ...

    Street Markets
  • Astley Hall

    Astley Hall

    Located on Rajpur Road, Astley Hall in famous for its wooden, bamboo and cane items, especially furniture, crafted by local artisans. Apart from that, Astley Hall is also famous for woolen items, such as cardigans, shawls and sweaters, most of which are available at bargain prices. ...

    Street Markets
  • English Book Depot

    English Book Depot

    One of Dehradu’s most famous book shops, the English Book Depot has a wide collection of fiction, non-fiction, travelogues, magazines, journals and newspapers. A perfect spot for bookworms to spend an entire day. ...

    Street Market
  • Himalayan Weavers

    Himalayan Weavers

    Himalayan Weavers are famous for hand-made shawls, scarves, stoles and Pashminas made using natural dyes. The aim of Himalayan Weavers is to promote environment friendly dyes and promote products crafted by locals in the Himalayan region. All products sold by Himalayan Weavers are made out of natural fibres and dyes, ...

    Street Market