Things to Do in Darjeeling

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  • The Peace Pagoda

    The Peace Pagoda

    The Japanese Peace Pagoda on the slopes of Jalaphar Hill is a short distance from the town and showcases the four avatars of Buddha, including the Maitreya Buddha. It is open to people of all races and creeds and is purposely made to propagate peace and prosperity in the world. ...

  • The Ghoom Monastery

    The Ghoom Monastery

    The Ghoom Monastery, built in 1875 by a lama called Sherab Gyatso, is the largest in Ghoom (8 kilometres from the city of Darjeeling) and holds the statue of the Maitreya Buddha, believed to be ‘The Buddha to Come’. The statue is a whopping 15 feet in height. Also known ...

  • Tea Plantations

    Tea Plantations

    A visit to a tea plantation is a must when in Darjeeling. There are more than 86 gardens that produce the famous Darjeeling tea. Visit tea estates and take a guided tour and learn all that goes in to processing tea. The estates in this region are renowned for the ...

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  • Gangtok & Darjeeling Holiday - Senior Citizen Special

    Gangtok & Darjeeling Holiday - Senior Citizen Special

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  • Darjeeling By Volvo

    Darjeeling By Volvo

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  • North East Delight With Pelling - Summer Special

    North East Delight With Pelling - Summer Special

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  • Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill, the highest point, a short drive away from the town is ideal for hiking and trekking through the day. Besides amazing views of the Kanchenjunga Range, the Tiger Hill renders perfect views of the sunrise.

    During peak tourist season, you'll see hundreds of tourists ...

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  • Batasia Loop

    Batasia Loop

    Reach Batasia loop at nine in the morning and you'll see the most amazing spectacle ever - shopkeepers with their little makeshift stalls and curio-spreads on the railway lines wrap up their business with superb agility and speed as the Toy Train arrives to traverse this little loop.

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  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo

    Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo

    The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute was established by Tenzing Norgay, the sherpa who, along with Sir Edmund Hillary, reached the summit of Mount Everest. The campus has a memorial for him, and it also houses a museum that showcases mountaineering equipment. These include the ones that Tenzing Norgay used. The Mountaineering ...

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  • Mag-Dhog Yolmowa Monastery

    Mag-Dhog Yolmowa Monastery

    The Mag-Dhog Yolmowa Monastery, locally known as Aloobari after its location, dedicated to world peace is a popular sight on the Old Military Road. Its construction started in 1914 with the intention of warding off World War I under the supervision of Sri Sangay Lama, a high priest of the ...

  • The Bhutia Busty Gompa

    The Bhutia Busty Gompa

    The Bhutia Busty Gompa is a beautiful walk uphill from the busy Mall Road of Darjeeling through a narrow meandering road. The road, passing by a few houses, finally opens up to verdant trees with just the sound of cool breeze whispering on your ears. The monastery is a bit ...

  • Dhirdham and Mahakal Temples

    Dhirdham and Mahakal Temples

    Dhirdham Temple is a Hindu temple deeply inspired by Tibetan and Buddhist architectural styles. It was built by Rai Saheb Purna Bahadur Pradhan in 1939 and is believed to be a reflection of the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    There is a statue of Lord ...

  • Mirik


    Drive through beautiful green meadows and picturesque valleys to reach Mirik, the serene tourist spot in the hills of Darjeeling. Soak in the beautiful vistas and relax by the charming Sumendu Lake. Boating and canoeing are popular activities here. If you like trekking you’re in for a treat with plenty ...

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  • Loshar Festival

    Loshar Festival

    Celebrated in the month of February as Tibetans New Year, this week-long festival is eagerly awaited by Tibetans. They cook food, buy new clothes and dance. You would see many youngsters performing cham (Tibetan dance) on street which is a traditional Yak dance dressed in elaborate costumes. A huge procession ...

  • Darjeeling Carnival

    Darjeeling Carnival

    Kick-started by the Darjeeling residents along with government, this ten-day event occurs at the end of every year. If you happen to visit the town during this time and are a music-lover, you are in for a special treat! Witness several rock band performances (including the famous Nepali rock) as ...

  • Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival

    Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival

    When talking about Darjeeling, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is ‘tea’. Truly, there’s something about the Darjeeling tea. No wonder a festival to promote the tea culture and its variants calls for tourists from different parts of the world. Held annually, in the month of December and ...

  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

    Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

    "Lying in the Eastern Himalayan foothills in Jalpaiguri district, the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary offers 960.31 hectares of fabulous scenery and rare flora and fauna. The name of this wildlife refuge is derived from two words- 'Chapra'- meaning a variety of fish and 'Mari'- meaning abundance. Earlier a notified wildlife reserve, ...

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

    Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

    The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) is a premier organisation, which is engaged in the promotion of mountaineering as an organised sport like any other game in India. Inception of this institute took place after the successful and historic climb of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in the ...

  • Surya Sen Park

    Surya Sen Park

    Surya Sen Park is a well-known picnic haunt, situated in Siliguri – the picturesque hamlet nestled towards the south of Darjeeling. Named after the Bengali freedom fighter Surya Sen, this park is a popular entertainment and recreation hub. The presence of the beautiful Mahananda River in the vicinity greatly accentuates ...

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  • Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery

    Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery

    Perched atop the Durpin Hill in the Kalimpong region of Darjeeling, Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery is a beautiful place to visit. Also known as Durpin Monastery, this site holds great religious significance for the Tibetan Buddhism followers. This monastery was consecrated in 1976 by His Holiness Dalai Lama, ...

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  • Dhirdham Temple

    Dhirdham Temple

    Situated in proximity to the railway station, Dhirdham Temple is a popular shrine in the hill station of Darjeeling. Dedicated to Lord Shiva - considered as the Supreme God in Hinduism, this temple attracts countless devotees from all corners of the state and beyond. Owing to its serene surroundings and ...

  • Savin Kingdom

    Savin Kingdom

    Savin Kingdom is a castle-themed amusement park, situated on the banks of the beautiful Mahananda River in Siliguri – the beautiful hill station near Darjeeling. Owned by SAVIN Group, a leader in the field of entertainment, real estate and education, this theme park promises complete family entertainment. This park sprawls ...

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  • Senchal Lake

    Senchal Lake

    Senchal Lake is a beautiful water body situated within the territory of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. Perched at an elevation of approximately 8160 feet above sea level, this lake offers stunning views of the hilly surroundings. This narrow and long lake is served by a mountain stream. The water of this ...

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  • St Theresa Church

    St Theresa Church

    St. Theresa Church is a popular attraction in Kalimpong – a picturesque hamlet in Darjeeling. Built painstakingly by the local and Tibetan craftsmen, this church flaunts an excellent blend of Gothic and Tibetan style of architecture. The intricate wooden carvings and exquisite Biblical illustrations on the interiors of the church ...

  • Garg World Amusement Park

    Garg World Amusement Park

    Darjeeling's Garg World Amusement Park is an exciting destination to visit. Perched 7900 ft above the plains on Gandhi Road, this amusement park is surrounded by picturesque surroundings that are characterised by verdant meadows and forested mountains. The views of Balsan Valley from this park are simply awe-inspiring and alluring. ...

  • Kanchenjunga Mountain

    Kanchenjunga Mountain

    With a height of 8586 m, the imposing Kanchenjunga Mountain enjoys the position of being the third highest mountain in the world. This towering mountain touches the eastern border of Nepal along with the Indian state of Sikkim. The word ‘Kanchenjunga’ in Tibetan means ‘the five treasure houses of snow’, ...

  • Peace Pagoda

    Peace Pagoda

    Situated on the slopes of the Jalapahar Hill, Peace Pagoda is a symbol of peace and unity in Darjeeling. The pagoda is counted among the popular landmarks of the destination. Its foundation stone was laid by Nichidatsu Fujii, a revered monk from Japan, who founded the 'Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order'.

  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

    Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

    Sprawling across 67.56 acres, at an elevation of 7000 feet above the plains, the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is recognised as the largest high-altitude zoo in the country. The Department of Science and Technology (Government of India) and Department of Education (Government of West Bengal) joined hands to establish ...

  • Chowrasta


    Chowrasta is a popular street in Darjeeling, where both tourists and locals gather to bask in the sun and hang around. Set atop a ridge, this boulevard is lined with an array of shops and restaurants. It is situated at the locus of the Mall Road, which is considered as ...

  • Darjeeling Toy Train

    Darjeeling Toy Train

    The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the Darjeeling Toy Train, is a prominent crowd-puller in the beautiful hill station of West Bengal. It is an outstanding engineering marvel, noted for being the best example of a hill passenger railway. This narrow (2 feet) train, listed as a World Heritage ...

  • Neora Valley National Park

    Neora Valley National Park

    The Neora Valley National Park is a region of rich biodiversity, situated in the beautiful Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This wildlife reserve falls in the catchment area of the Neora River and shares its boundaries with similar establishments of Sikkim and Bhutan. This wildlife conservation spot was notified as ...

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  • Mahakal Temple

    Mahakal Temple

    Situated on the Observatory Hill in Darjeeling, the Mahakal Temple represents a unique amalgam of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. This temple stands where the original Dorjeling Monastery was present in olden times, before it got destroyed in an invasion and was eventually shifted to a new location with a new ...

  • Ringking Farm

    Ringking Farm

    For those seeking some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, the Ringking Farm in Kalimpong is an ideal place. This beautiful bungalow, built during the British Raj in India, attracts visitors for its quaint charm. Situated amidst serene environs, the place offers enchanting views of the nearby ...

  • Bindu Dam

    Bindu Dam

    Bindu Dam, located in Bindu Village of West Bengal, is built across the Jaldhaka River. The main purpose of the construction of this dam was to control the supply of water to the Jaldhaka Hydel Project at Jhalong. Situated on the Indo-Bhutan border, this dam is a heaven for birdwatchers. ...

  • Kawlay Dara View Point

    Kawlay Dara View Point

    Kawlay Dara View Point in Mirik is the best place to enjoy remarkable views of the snow-clad Himalayan mountain ranges and lush greenery. A major tourist spot, this viewpoint is an ideal place to witness sunrise above the misty mountains. You will be enchanted by the fascinating views of the ...

  • Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point

    Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point

    The Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point in Lolegaon near Kalimpong offers spectacular views of the snow-capped mountain peaks and lush environs. From here, you can behold captivating vistas of the sun rising behind the lofty Mount Khangchendzonga. You will be truly mesmerised by the region’s stunning landscape. Besides, the viewpoint is ...

  • Samthar Plateau

    Samthar Plateau

    Samthar Plateau, in the Kalimpong region of West Bengal, is a picturesque highland ideal for adventure seekers. Owing to its undulating terrains, the plateau serves as a perfect spot for enjoying adventurous activities like hiking, mountain biking and nature exploration. Located at an elevation of about 1,400 m in the ...

  • Dali Monastery

    Dali Monastery

    An architectural marvel, Dali Monastery is one of the most prominent monasteries of the Kargyupa sect, built by Kyabje Thuksey Rinpoche in 1971. Located around 4 km away from the main town of Darjeeling, this religious site is popularly referred to as Druk Thupten Sangag Choling Monastery. This monastery is ...

  • Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

    Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

    Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre, one of the prominent landmarks of Darjeeling, was established on 2nd October 1959. It serves as a residence of several Tibetan refugees who fled from their homeland following the footsteps of their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. A visit to this self-help centre allows you ...

  • Thongsa Gompa

    Thongsa Gompa

    There cannot be a better way to find peace of mind than meditation, and Thongsa Gompa (also known as Bhutanese Monastery) is the perfect place to meditate and find inner peace. Founded in the year 1692, it is counted amongst the oldest monasteries in the Kalimpong region.

  • Galingka


    Galingka is a beautiful bungalow in Kalimpong, Darjeeling. Built against the backdrop of Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world, this grand mansion boasts of impressive facade and cosy interiors. The British wool traders constructed this bungalow as a stopover during their business travel. The picturesque background that is ...

  • Kali Temple

    Kali Temple

    Nestled amidst forest-covered hills in Darjeeling, Kali Temple is one of the popular places of religious importance. This is the only shrine in the area that is dedicated to ‘Goddess Kali’, one of the main forms of the Hindu deity ‘Durga’. Goddess Kali, also known as 'Kalika' and 'Bhavatarini', is ...

  • Sericulture Research Institute

    Sericulture Research Institute

    The Sericulture Research Institute in Kalimpong is a well-known research centre where people are given training on silk farming. All necessary information required for silk farming and breeding silkworms along with the cultivation of mulberry trees is provided by the institute. Moreover, it helps silk farmers financially by buying silkworm ...

  • Cardamom Curing Centre

    Cardamom Curing Centre

    The Cardamom Curing Centre is known for producing the best cardamoms in the country. Established by the Godak government, this centre is situated around 14 km away from the small village of Bindu. The centre is engaged in dyeing and processing of finest cardamoms, and shipping them to different parts ...

  • Yiga Choling Gompa

    Yiga Choling Gompa

    Yiga Choling Gompa, also known as Ghoom Monastery, is the best place for nature lovers and nirvana seekers. Belonging to the Gelug sect, this beautiful gompa is renowned for its 15 feet tall Maitreya Buddha (Coming Buddha) statue. The mastermind behind the grand structure of this monastery was Sherab Gyatso ...

  • Tharpa Choeling Gompa

    Tharpa Choeling Gompa

    Tharpa Choling Gompa, perched on the Tirpai Hills, is one of the oldest monasteries in the Kalimpong region. Belonging to the Gelug sect and headed by the Tibetan spiritual leader - Dalai Lama, this religious site was established in 1937. Embraced by towering Himalayan ranges from all sides, this place ...

  • Observatory Hill

    Observatory Hill

    One of Darjeeling's popular places of tourist interest- the Observatory Hill is bestowed with immense natural beauty. The hilltop, called as Makal-Babu-Ko-Thaan by locals, towers above Chowrasta and The Mall. Visitors will be amazed to know that this is the oldest site of the hill station that has many legends ...

  • Lloyd's Botanical Garden

    Lloyd's Botanical Garden

    Lloyd's Botanical Garden is one of the oldest establishments of its kind, located in the heart of Darjeeling. The garden, established in 1878, was named after William Lloyd, who provided the required land for it. Sprawling across an area of 40 acres, it is dotted with tall trees of bamboo ...

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  • Salugara Monastery

    Salugara Monastery

    Salugara Monastery, located about 6 km away from the main city of Siliguri, is one of the most revered sites for Buddhists. This well-known monastery was set up by some Tibetan monks, who were supporters of the Tibetan spiritual Guru, Dalai Lama. Its major highlight is the 100 ft tall ...

  • Devi Sthan Temple

    Devi Sthan Temple

    Devi Sthan Temple is a famous religious spot in Mirik, located on the banks of Mirik Lake. This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Singha Devi. There are various other temples located on the banks of the lake that are dedicated to Hindu deities Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Kali. ...

  • Badamtam Tea Estate

    Badamtam Tea Estate

    Badamtam Tea Estate is one of the oldest and best tea plantations in Darjeeling. Situated in the beautiful Lebong Valley, it has a varying altitude that ranges from 305 to 1830 metres. This tea estate was established in 1858 by Christine Barnes and commen ...

  • Chatakpur


    Chatakpur is a small scenic village located at an altitude of 7887 feet in Darjeeling. Situated around 7 km away from Sonada, this place is known for its natural beauty and for offering scenic views of the surroundings. With around 18 houses and 90 villag ...

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  • Debi Sthan House of Goddess

    Debi Sthan House of Goddess

    Debi Sthan - House of Goddess is a beautiful temple situated in the Godak Village in Bindu, West Bengal. Popularly known as Debi Sthan locals, this shrine is an important religious centre lying on the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Devoted to the tribal Goddess, the temple is accessible ...