Senchal Lake in Darjeeling

Sit by the side of the serene Sanchel Lake, peace out!

Sit by the side of the serene Sanchel Lake, peace out! | Photo credit: Anirban Biswas/flickr

Senchal Lake Overview

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Senchal Lake is a beautiful water body situated within the territory of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. Perched at an elevation of approximately 8160 feet above sea level, this lake offers stunning views of the hilly surroundings. This narrow and long lake is served by a mountain stream. The water of this lake is clean and potable, which is why it is supplied to the entire city of Darjeeling. Encompassed by dense forests of oak, pine and birch, this topography is where you can find nature in its most expressive form. Colourful flowers like rhododendrons and orchids on the lakeside enhance the overall beauty. A 9-hole golf course and clubhouse are also present in proximity to this scenic lake, which add to its popularity as a tourist attraction.

  • Photo Opp

    The lake, along with its scenic surroundings, provides a picture-perfect backdrop for beautiful photographs. Be it of colourful flowers or the surrounding timbered hills, every snapshot you take is bound to be amazing.
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