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Savin Kingdom Overview

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Savin Kingdom is a castle-themed amusement park, situated on the banks of the beautiful Mahananda River in Siliguri – the beautiful hill station near Darjeeling. Owned by SAVIN Group, a leader in the field of entertainment, real estate and education, this theme park promises complete family entertainment. This park sprawls across an area of 10 acres and is divided into three sections – dry park, food court and water park.

The dry section of this theme kingdom consists of several swings for kids, like Merry-Go-Round, Kiddy Columbus, Kiddy Express, Jumping Jack and Jumping Frog. For grown-ups, this section has thrilling fun rides and other attractions like Sky Train, Bumping Car, Break Dance, Paratrooper, Savin Formula One, Flying Chair and Tame the Bull.

In the water park section, there are many delights for you to take pleasure in. Wave Pool and Thriller Slide are the highlights of this water park, which also has Kids Play Pan. The water park's orchestra deck is where you can enjoy winter parties. Upon request, the authorities of the park make arrangements for bonfire and tandoor.

The food court of Savin Kingdom has outlets of major food chains, where you can step in to enjoy meals and quick bites. Special arrangements for cultural activities like henna, pottery making, magic and fortune-forecasting are also made in the amusement park.

  • Opening Closing Time 10:30 am – 07:00 pm (Water Park)

    10:30 am – 08:30 pm (Amusement Park)

  • Photo Opp

    Tourists coming to this amusement park can click as many pictures as they please while enjoying the rides and slides.
  • For Kids

    Featuring fun rides, swings and water activities, Savin Kingdom is a world of unlimited entertainment for children.
  • Entrance Fee Water Park Entry: Rs. 150 for Adults and Rs. 130 for Children (Weekdays) Rs. 200 for Adults and Rs. 150 for Children (Weekends) Amusement Park Entry: Rs. 30 for Adults and Rs. 20 for Children (Weekdays) Rs. 40 for Adults and Rs. 30 for Children (Weekends) Saver: Rs. 120 for Adults and Rs. 100 for Children (Weekdays) Rs. 150 for Adults and Rs. 120 for Children (Weekends) Combo Rates: Rs. 200 for Adults and Rs. 180 for Children (Weekdays) Rs. 300 for Adults and Rs. 220 for Children (Weekends) Amusement Park Ride Rates: Rs. 20 – Kiddy Express Rs. 20 – Kiddy Columbus Rs. 20 – Merry-go-round Rs. 10 – Jumping Jack Rs. 20 – Jumping Frog Rs. 20 – Rock Climbing Rs. 40 – Sky Train Rs. 40 – Bumping Car Rs. 20 – Break Dance Rs. 20 – Bungee Rs. 20 – Magic Glider Rs. 20 – Flying Chair Rs. 20 – Tame the Bull Rs. 20 – Flying Saucer Rs. 40 – Savin Formula One Rs. 10 – Air Gun Rs. 10 – Archery

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