Kali Temple in Darjeeling

Revel in religious fervour at the  Kali Temple.

Revel in religious fervour at the  Kali Temple. | Photo credit: Shankar S/flickr

Kali Temple Overview

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Nestled amidst forest-covered hills in Darjeeling, Kali Temple is one of the popular places of religious importance. This is the only shrine in the area that is dedicated to ‘Goddess Kali’, one of the main forms of the Hindu deity ‘Durga’. Goddess Kali, also known as 'Kalika' and 'Bhavatarini', is believed to be the fiercest of all goddesses in the Hindu mythology.

Every year, a large number of devotees from different parts of the state and beyond visit this temple to offer prayers. Many festivals are celebrated at this temple, including Navratri and Shyama Puja. During Navratri, which spans across nine days, the temple is beautifully decorated and the spiritual energy in the atmosphere is truly impressive.

  • Opening Closing Time 07:00 am – 07:00 pm

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Near River, Darjeeling, West Bengal