Devi Sthan Temple in Darjeeling

Devi Sthan Temple Overview

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Devi Sthan Temple is a famous religious spot in Mirik, located on the banks of Mirik Lake. This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Singha Devi. There are various other temples located on the banks of the lake that are dedicated to Hindu deities Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Kali. The temple, surrounded by dense forests of Dhupi, holds great religious significance among Hindus. It also draws a huge number of tourists owing to its scenic location. It is a favourite spot for nature enthusiasts, tourists and photographers alike.

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise - Sunset (Daily)

  • Photo Opp

    The scenic location of the temple makes it an ideal place for getting some perfect pictures clicked. Presence of a beautiful lake and soaring hills give travellers ample opportunity to take some beautiful shots.

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Devi Sthan Temple, Dhupi Forest, Darjeeling, West Bengal