Things to Do in Daman

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  • Nariyal Purnima

    Nariyal Purnima

    Being a coastal town, Daman celebrates the beginning of the fishing season which is organised by the administration of Daman and Diu and West Zone Cultural Centre. To appease the water Gods, people offer coconuts to the sea when the monsoon season ends.

    During this festival you can ...

  • Church of Bom Jesus

    Church of Bom Jesus

    "The Church of Bom Jesus is an old shrine, located in the Moti Daman region of Daman. One of the most imposing historical and religious edifices of the city, this church reflects the colonial influences the town has had in the past. Established in AD 1559, this parish was finally ...

  • Jampore Beach

    Jampore Beach

    Situated towards the south of the Moti Daman region, Jampore Beach is one of the city's star attractions. Blessed with pleasant weather round-the-year, an expansive stretch of golden sand and lush Casuarina groves, this beach is truly a stunning place to visit. With low tides and no undercurrents, the sea ...

  • St Jerome Fort

    St Jerome Fort

    Located towards the north of the River Damanganga, St. Jerome Fort is an ancient citadel that gives detailed insights into Daman's rich colonial history. This fort is named after St. Jerome, an eminent priest and theologian of the ancient times. The construction of this fort was initiated by Dom Jeronimo ...

    Monument Landmark
  • Nani Daman

    Nani Daman

    "Nani Daman is a picturesque hamlet that brims with both natural and man-made attractions. Larger among the two towns (Nani Daman and Moti Daman) that together form the city of Daman, this place is speckled with residential colonies, health facilities, educational centres and shopping areas. The River Damanganga, which separates ...

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  • Devka Beach

    Devka Beach

    Approximately 3 km away from Nani Daman, Devka Beach is a beautiful place to visit. Lapped by crystal shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea, the expansive sandy stretch of this beach is unspoilt and simply spectacular. Unlike other beaches in the country, this beach is less crowded and free from ...

    Nature Beach
  • Jetty Garden

    Jetty Garden

    Jetty Garden is a picturesque riverside park, located in the Moti Daman region of Daman city. Lying on the banks of the River Daman Ganga, this beautiful stretch of land is graced with beautiful fountains, walking trails and riverfront seats.

    The vast open spaces and well-manicured lawns ...

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  • Somnath Mahadev Temple

    Somnath Mahadev Temple

    A popular place of religious importance, the Somnath Mahadev Temple is located in Dabhel village, Daman. There are many legends associated with the origin of the temple. According to one of them, a Shivalinga miraculously appeared at this spot after many prayers by a monk who was an ardent devotee ...

  • Kadaiya Lake Garden

    Kadaiya Lake Garden

    One of the most visited attractions in Daman, the Kadaiya Lake Garden is located near Kadaiya Village (Nani Daman). Also known as the Mirasol Lake Garden, this man-made picturesque attraction features a lake, gorgeous fountains, lake-islands and lush greenery.

    The main highlight of the garden is the ...

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  • Satya Sagar Udyan

    Satya Sagar Udyan

    Situated in the vicinity of the Coast Guard Air Station, Satya Sagar Udyan is a lake-garden that is frequented by locals as well as tourists. Serving as a popular picnic spot, this site boasts of a beautiful water body that is embraced by lush greenery on all sides. The beauty ...

    Park and Garden
  • Daman Ganga Tourist Complex

    Daman Ganga Tourist Complex

    Daman Ganga Tourist Complex is a one-stop destination for leisure travellers visiting Nani Daman. The complex boasts of a multitude of attractions that are bound to keep tourists engaged for hours. There is a beautiful lake within the tourist spot, where visitors can indulge in boating. A classic charm is ...

  • Gomatimala Beach

    Gomatimala Beach

    About 27 kilometres away from the main city, Gomatimala Beach is a scenic place to visit. The salubrious weather, gentle sea breeze and pristine environs make this quiet and secluded beach a perfect place for a memorable beachside vacation. This beach is perfect for picnicking, sun-bathing and water activities, including ...

  • Dominican Monastery

    Dominican Monastery

    A former centre of theological studies, the Dominican Monastery is a place worth exploring for those interested in knowing about the glorious history of Daman. Christians from different corners of the country and abroad used to visit this site to offer prayers during ancient times. Now in ruins, this once-influential ...