St Jerome Fort in Daman

St Jerome Fort Overview

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Located towards the north of the River Damanganga, St. Jerome Fort is an ancient citadel that gives detailed insights into Daman's rich colonial history. This fort is named after St. Jerome, an eminent priest and theologian of the ancient times. The construction of this fort was initiated by Dom Jeronimo de Azevado – the 12th Portuguese Viceroy of India, after the Mughal invasion in AD 1614. It was in AD 1672, during the time of Dom Franciso de Gama, when this fort was built completely.

Spanning across an area of 12250 sq m, St. Jerome Fort features a church, cemetery and ruins. The imposing gateway that overlooks the river flowing nearby is one of the most striking features of the fort. A huge statue of St. Jerome welcomes visitors at the entrance, which also has two large human figurines on either side.

Our Lady of the Sea Church, used as a school at present times, is another important attraction within the fort complex. From the fort, you can view beautiful surroundings that are characterised by a river, lush greenery and fishing boats docked along the riverside.

  • Photo Opp

    The quaint charm of this fort makes it a perfect place for photography. Whether it is the river flowing adjacent to the fort or the remains of the old citadel - the sights to capture here are truly magnificent.
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