Jampore Beach in Daman

Jampore Beach Overview

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Situated towards the south of the Moti Daman region, Jampore Beach is one of the city's star attractions. Blessed with pleasant weather round-the-year, an expansive stretch of golden sand and lush Casuarina groves, this beach is truly a stunning place to visit. With low tides and no undercurrents, the sea waters are safe for people of all ages to go swimming.

If you are a seeker of solitude, this waterfront with its tranquil surroundings is the ultimate place to be. You can either take a leisurely stroll on the shoreline, or just sit and watch the sunset . During evenings, locals and tourists gather at Jampore Beach to behold mesmerising vistas of the sun that seems to dip slowly into the sea.

You can also indulge in various entertaining activities at Jampore Beach, such as horse riding, sunbathing and swimming. The waves bring shells to the shore, which make for nice souvenirs.

  • Photo Opp

    Jampore Beach is an unspoilt natural treasure that deserves to be clicked. You can capture beautiful pictures while walking along its golden shoreline or swimming in its shallow waters. The verdant groves and sparkling sand make it a picture-perfect location for capturing amazing pictures.
  • For Kids

    For children, Jampore Beach is like a huge playground. Since the water is not deep, kids can enjoy swimming under the guidance of grown-ups.

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