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Travel options

By Air

The local airport in the Nani Daman area (also known as the Little Daman) is the nearest domestic airport to the city. This airport has regular flights to Mumbai and Baroda. Mumbai International Airport is the closest international airport, which is approximately 170 kilometres away from Daman. Mumbai is well-connected to various cities across the globe. There are daily flights via Gujarat State Airlines which take you to Daman.

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By Bus

Many public and state-owned buses run to and from Daman connecting neighbouring towns of Mumbai and Surat which are 180 and 110 kilometers away respectively. You can choose between regular buses to luxury and deluxe bus services. The tickets are available online and the fare would vary according to the type of bus and the distance covered.

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By Train

Vapi, located in the Konkan area id the nearest railway station to Daman. Located 12 kilometers away, most trains like the Jodhpur Express, Rajkot Express, Ahmisa Express and Pune Jodhpur Express halt at this station. However so check the schedule of these trains. Once you get down at the station, you can hire taxis which will charge around Rs. 150 or you can also opt for local buses and tongas for a cheaper alternative.

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Road/Self Drive

Daman has a well-built road network with proper highways and roads. The city can be easily accessed by road. While the town of Vapi is situated at a distance of 12 kilometres on the Bombay-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8, Mumbai is approximately 170 kilometres from Daman. Other cities like Ahmedabad and Baroda are 360 and 300 kilometres away from Daman respectively.

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